How We are Different

Our proprietary manufacturing process allows for molecular dispersion without excessive heat or breaking of the chemical bonds. This allows the Vitamins and Supplements to remain unchanged and undamaged when they are absorbed into your body.

Nanoceutical Solutions Nanofluidization Technology produces Vitamins and Supplements that are truly “Nano” in size and measure between 1-900 nanometers. Using a Particle Size Analyzer we are able to determine the average particle size of our formulations are less than a micron, which can easily pass through the mucus membrane in your mouth and rapidly enter the Blood Stream where the nutrients are carried to the appropriate cells.

Better Absorption
Our liquid vitamin and supplements are applied directly onto the mucosal membrane of the mouth and are absorbed directly into the blood stream, bypassing the stomach and gastrointestinal (GI) tract, where the hydrochloric acid diminishes vitamin or supplements potency by as much as 90% loss of availability.

Faster Onset of Action
Better Bioavailability- Nano-Sizing the active ingredients of our vitamin and supplement products makes them small enough to permeate the mucus membrane and directly enter the blood stream (similar to an injection). Our products will reach the cellular target in minutes. Our advanced bioavailability also allows for less product to be used.

Greater Stability
By reducing the particle size of our vitamins and supplements and precisely controlling the level of size reduction during manufacturing, we are able effectively process shear-sensitive materials without breaking the covalent/hydrogen bonds of the product. This allows us to produce products that are very stable.

When Smaller is Better

How small is Nano
A Nanometer is very, very small – there are a million of them in a millimeter. “Nano” means ‘a billionth’ (a billion is a thousand million), so: a nanometer is a billionth of a meter. Below is a Size Comparison Chart to help provide reference.


Nanoceutical Solutions produces products from 1nm to 1,000 nm

Particle Size Test

Using a Particle Size Analyzer Nanoceutical Solutions is able to verify the Particle Size Range of each product manufactured. Graph 1 shows particle sizes that range from 80 Nanometers to 200 Nanometers with an Average Particle Size of 124.21 Nanometers.

Permeation Study