De-mystifying Glutathione – The Most Powerful Antioxidant For Your Body



Glutathione is a Master Antioxidant taking the health industry by storm. It was previously exclusively available through expensive injections, but has now surfaced the public sphere through a technique called Nano-Sizing. We asked the Co-Founder of Nano Glutathione 10 frequently asked questions about this powerful antioxidant.


1. What exactly is Nano Glutathione?

Nano Glutathione is L-Glutathione, sometimes referred to as reduced Glutathione, which basically means that it has an extra electron and is ready to neutralize free radicals.

What makes our product so unique is that it has been Nano-Sized using our proprietary patent pending process. By reducing the actual particle size of the Glutathione into the Nano Size (Sub-Micron) range, our Nano Glutathione can be applied directly onto the mucosal membrane of the mouth and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach and gastrointestinal (GI) tract, where hydrochloric acid destroys Glutathione before it can be absorbed.

2. If Glutathione is the 2nd most important molecule in the human body, why don’t more people know about it?

Glutathione is made in every cell in your body and it has some very important functions, but Glutathione is ineffective when taken in pill form because it will get broken down and destroyed during digestion before it can be absorbed.

Because the ineffectiveness of oral supplementation with pills is well documented, Glutathione is not commonly found on the vitamin shelf in health food stores or discussed by many personal Physicians. But that is starting to change and Glutathione is just starting to become more mainstream.

We are seeing the change now, in fact when we were developing our technology and would tell someone we are “Nano-Sizing” Glutathione to make it bioavailable, they would always ask “What is Glutathione?”  Today when we talk about Glutathione around half the people we engage know about Glutathione or have at least heard about Glutathione.  We believe as more medical and scientific experts begin to make the correlation between low levels of the Glutathione and the likelihood of chronic disease, that Glutathione will continue to get a lot of attention and become the cornerstone of any supplementation regime.

3. What is the connection between stress and glutathione levels in the body?

In healthy people there is an inverse relationship between Oxidative stress and Glutathione; the higher the levels of Glutathione = lower levels of Oxidative Stress, but unfortunately most people have low levels of Glutathione and very high levels of oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress leads to negative conditions in the body. Everything from neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease & Alzheimer’s disease, gene mutations and cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, joint pain, heart and blood vessel disorders, atherosclerosis, heart failure, heart attack and inflammatory diseases.

4. Why does Nano Glutathione work so well for hangovers?

When the liver breaks down alcohol, it turns into something 10 times more toxic called acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde cannot be neutralized for removal from the body without glutathione. The older you get, the less glutathione your body can make. This results in a slower removal of alcoholic byproducts, and longer lasting, more intense hangovers.


5. How long did it take for the formula to be created?

It took 3 years for us to formulate, develop, and test Nano Glutathione.  

We are able to physically manipulate the Glutathione and reduce its size more than 20,000 times its original size without destroying the covalent bonds of the Glutathione. We have custom built cGMP processing equipment that enables us to safely Nano Size the Glutathione. The production process takes several days to complete and cannot be interrupted once started.

6. Are there any side effects?

Yes-  it whitens skin and can reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy.  (The skin whitening is actually a primary reason a lot of people in Asia, and South America administer Glutathione injections.)  But the most common side effect or reaction is due to your body rapidly detoxing. Some customers that are in a severe state of oxidative stress have reported symptoms of early detoxification results.

This wide range of bodily reactions is collectively known as the Herxheimer Reaction (sometimes called a Herx Reaction, or simply Herx). The reaction is typically short-lived, from a few days to at most a few weeks. This reaction includes any circumstance where the volume of toxic material exceeds the capacity of the body to eliminate it. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including a headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms.

If anyone should experience the symptoms of a Herxheimer reaction, please don’t be alarmed. These reactions are signs that the body is hard at work cleansing itself.

To help mitigate these symptoms you can reduce the amount of glutathione you are taking and or skip a day in-between taking it. In addition, it is a good idea to drink plenty of water, eat well in terms of fresh fruit and vegetables and exercise as much as possible. All of these steps will assist the body in mitigating the effects of detoxification.

7. When’s the best time to take Nano?

You can take Glutathione anytime that is convenient for you.  Just be sure to not eat or drink anything for 3 minutes after administration.  This will ensure you get a full 200mg/ml dosage and allow it time to permeate the mucosal membrane.  As with any supplement it is best to find a time to take the Nano Glutathione that works best for you and stick to that time daily.  This will ensure you do not forget to take the Nano Glutathione daily.


8. Have you been taking it yourself?

Yes, I take the product daily. I started about two years ago. I have more energy, improved mental clarity, no joint pain, and have not been sick in two years.

9. Are there a few examples you can give as to how it’s changed other people’s lives?

We have so many positive testimonials and comments that we would love to share. My personal favorite involves a lady who suffered from migraines for decades and was diagnosed as borderline MS after an MRI showed multiple lesions on her brain. After the first dose, she woke up without a headache for the first time in ages. After taking our product for six months, only the largest of lesions remained, and those were much reduced. She avoided the MS diagnosis, and her neurologist said it was nothing short of a miracle.

10. What was the inspiration for the product?

We wanted to make a product that would have a significant positive impact on people lives. We chose Glutathione as our first product to develop because Glutathione was known to have zero oral bioavailability.  It was a great proof of concept product to show that our proprietary Nano-Sizing process could make a well known non-bioavailable supplement – bioavailable.  

Our mission is to produce vitamin products that make a tangible improvement to people’s health, and their quality of life. The older you get, the more you realize how precious your health is. So whether people are looking for preservation, prevention, or recovery of their health, we want to help make their goals a reality.

 Feel Better Today, Try Nano-Glutathione.


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